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System Integrators

Reducing Your Risk

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, leveraging technology to help sustain profitable business growth is a focus for many companies. Our System Integrator program is designed to educate and produce qualified partners who are able to help solve production challenges by advising on and delivering the best solution with the lowest amount of risk.

The program offers system integrators around the world the chance to continually enhance competencies and capabilities across multiple disciplines: control, information, process, safety and manufacturing operations. For system integrators who make the commitment to deliver the highest technical solution and customer service, leading with Rockwell Automation technologies, we develop and promote these Recognised System Integrators and Solutions Partners. The Recognised System Integrators are resources who best positioned to reduce project risk when leveraging our technologies. Solution Partners possess those same traits, but they differentiate themselves with a capability that is unique and specialised, with the ability to deliver across a broad geography.

If your company offers system integration services and is interested in participating in this program, contact your local Rockwell Automation sales office or Distributor.

Solution PartnerRecognised System Integrator
Solution Partners demonstrate the highest level of commitment to Rockwell Automation technologies and relationships; is an industry leader; and has differentiated services or solutions that complement or extend ours.
Recognised System Integrators are competent and committed to lead with Rockwell Automation and have a mutually supportive relationship with the Rockwell Automation sales and/or distributors they work with.

Program Levels
  1. System Integrator Level — Companies that want to take advantage of our software and competency development tools.
  2. Recognised System Integrator Level — Companies that are competent and committed to lead with our technologies and have mutually supportive relationship with our Sales and/or distributors.
  3. Solution Partner Level — Demonstrates the highest level of commitment toward our technologies and relationships, is an industry leader, and has differentiated service or solutions that complement or extend ours.
Details and Location of Solution Partners and Recognised System Integrators

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