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Automation Today, Asia Pacific - February 2014

Welcome to the February issue of Automation Today, Asia Pacific - Australia & New Zealand. This magazine provides readers with articles on automation technology and interesting applications from both within Australia / New Zealand and around the Asia-Pacific region.

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Cover Story
  • How to Profit from Asset Management Services
    Devising a comprehensive asset management strategy can help to boost your bottom line.

    News and Events

  • Security Initiative Reduces Industrial Risks
  • Innovators in Industrial Automation Attend Annual Automation Fair Event
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    Country News

  • Rockwell Automation on the Move returns to Melbourne
  • Maintain, upgrade or update your skills...
  • RSTechED coming to Australia and New Zealand in 2014
  • Rockwell Automation appoints new State Manager for Victoria and Tasmania

    Value Proposition

  • Parts Management Agreement Helps Nexen Tire Gain Traction
    Better parts availability results in a more stable maintenance budget.

    Oil and Gas

  • Increasing Safety and Uptime in Offshore Production
    Rockwell Automation brings cutting-edge technology to oil and gas applications such as subsea production systems.

    Application Articles

  • Safety inspection prompts upgrade to aging cranes at Bayswater Power Station
    To comply with safety requirements, Macquarie Generation's Bayswater Power Station underwent a routine inspection of their aging cranes. Macquarie Generation called on the domain expertise of Rockwell Automation to deliver a solution for the cranes to meet current safety standards.
  • MES Solution Smooths Information Flow in Cigarette Factory
    A Chinese company relies on a manufacturing execution system (MES), implemented with the help of Rockwell Automation, to better improve its cigarette production operations.

    Global Solutions and Services

  • Evaluating Engineering Services
    When projects increase beyond their scope, consider collaborating with an automation provider to protect your investment.

    Remanufacturing & Exchange Services

  • Keeping Customers Productive
    Rockwell Automation helps customers to minimise downtime and keep production lines running.

    Product Focus

  • FactoryTalk View 7.0 HMI software improves process-system capabilities, information integration and usability
  • Taking the Cost Out of Connectivity
  • Security Appliance Performs Dual VPN and Firewalling
  • Crane Solutions for Improved Safety Operations
  • Low-Voltage Motor Control Centers
  • 440G-LZ Guardlocking Switches
  • PowerFlex 6000 Drives provide Variable-Speed Control
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Address Critical Control and Safety Applications
  • Fault Tolerant Control System Couples Safety with Process Availability
  • PowerFlex 520-Series AC Drives
  • Connected Components Workbench Software - New V6 Release
  • PowerMonitor 5000
  • 193 IEC E300 Overload Relays